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My last entry as kaitlyn_smith

I haven't been posting much lately... probably because it doesn't quite feel right posting here, as kaitlyn_smith anymore... The turn of August/September was a stepping stone.. a big one. Figuring out what I want to do with my life, telling my Mom everything I needed her to hear... I am not a "smith" anymore, I am no longer unsure of my identity, no longer unable to put a name to what I am. When I first created this account a bajillion years ago, I spent days DAYS trying to come up with a user name. I defaulted to the only highschool nickname I ever had (or that I ever knew about at least). But I'm not that person anymore. I know that now. No longer being held down by expectation, by an overwhelming sense of guilt... It's freeing, but also terribly disconcerting. I feel a little like poor little Ophelia, with all her men that told her what to do all disappearing at once. well... I feel like Ophelia minus the crazy and the suicidal tendencies... SO I bring you, http://ophelia-feigns.livejournal.com/ Add it, if you wish. I'm not going to be writing here anymore.
I don't think I'm going to off this journal right away... keep it around as a source of documentation of the past... five? six years? oh boy... with that... adieu.
having one working internet connection in house that is usurped by girl in basement + laptop reusing to connect to school internets = i am at starbucks. yay for hours of free wifi.

not much to say in limited amount of time left, so, a movie revue:

Regarding:  Perfume, The Story of a Murderer

HOLY SHIT... wait.... whaat?

All the boys of this, my summer house, are now moved in. They are playing Call of Duty... oh boys

soo--pa-pa, troo--pa-pa

My review of Mamma Mia: the movie

No, not everyone could sing (well), but I imagine that's what life would be like if it were a musical. 'cause not everyone can sing... right? So congrats Mamma Mia, on bringing a sense of raw reality to big screen musicals.




Goodbye MOTOsuckmyassROKR!
Hello MOTOhopefullybetterbutwhateveryouwerefreeKRZR!

...i didn't want this one because of that commercial...honest...
I figured some of you may be interested in this.

Stratford courses are everything I thought they would be AND A MILLION TIMES MORE.  Shakespeare makes more sense than he ever has before. More later, now food.
Saw Hellboy II with Brattye tonight.... found evil elf prince kinda hot....yep.... the hell is wrong with me? 
Sting rays feel like wet, almost-slimey mushrooms.

The ROM is awesome.

I miss Toronto.
Tip # 847 of "How to enjoy your day at African Lion Safari."

You should probably not wear 4 inch spike heels, a jean mini skirt and a leopard print ties-in-front shirt.

I mean, you probably shouldn't wear that anyway, and i guess you were going with the whole "I'm looking at animals" theme... but really? ...seriously? You didn't look comfortable... and I think it's only fair to let you know that all the tour guides laughed at you.